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Why Hunt Internationally?

Why Hunt Internationally?

You live in an area with abundant wildlife and beautiful scenery. You know the seasons and the terrain. You feel at home in the environment. Why should you hunt anywhere else? If you are asking yourself this question, examine why you hunt.

Do you hunt because you enjoy the thrill that comes from spotting animals in the distance? Covertly watching their movements? Imagine the feeling of spotting an animal you have never seen in the wild before. Watching tahr on the hillside, leaping and bounding over the rocky precipices they call home; red stag chasing hinds across an open field, hot in pursuit during the roar; water buffalo drinking from a billabong on a dry hot day. Hunting in new surroundings can give you that thrill you crave.

Maybe your favorite part of hunting is the solitude of the morning, the peacefulness of witnessing the inky dark of night release to the pink and yellow hues of dawn. There is comfort in the familiarity of the constellations that slowly fade out as the sun comes up. In another country, especially in the southern hemisphere, the constellations are different, but the feeling is the same, the stillness of dark awakening to the rhythms of the day.

Or is it the adventure? The challenge to climb the highest peak, pack out the biggest load? What better way to find adventure than in completely new surroundings? It is a whole new challenge you can never imagine. Terrain you have never experienced. Stalks in territory unknown. Scenic views that make you stop and ask yourself, “Am I really here?”

Why should you hunt internationally? If you hunt for the experience, it is an experience like none other. “The journey is the destination” –Dan Eldon

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