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Let's talk skincare!

A good skincare regimen is a must, especially for women who are outdoors as much as the Huntress View team is. Thankfully Cammi and Co has created skincare products specifically for women who love outdoor adventures! This season I tested out the Cammi and Co products on some of my hunts and had great results! Products

  • Carefree Cleanser

  • This is a rinseless cleanser + toner. Just put some on a cotton pad or cotton ball and wipe away your sweat, dirt, and makeup, making sure to avoid the eye area.

  • This is perfect for camping, hiking and hunting trips. I used this on my waterfowl hunts and it easily removed my face paint and left my skin feeling clean and refreshed.

  • X-Treme Cream

  • This is a USDA certified organic, versatile moisturizer that is perfect for moisturizing your lips, chapped cheeks and your entire body. This is definitely a must for any woman who spends a lot of time outdoors.

  • This cream is thick, but non-greasy. I personally loved using this on my dry, chapped hands, cuticles and also on my feet.

  • Thermal Relief Cream

  • This is my personal favorite from this line! I have issues keeping my toes and fingers warm and this product honestly REALLY works! Apply to your ears, hands, feet and core before heading out. It works best under gloves, socks or a hat.

  • This does have a scent so I don't recommend this for hunting whitetail. On my upland and waterfowl hunts I paired this with my First Lite Talus Fingerless Gloves, my Alpsoutdoorz hand warmer and some Hot Hands and I was extremely comfortable.

  • I found that with this product, I really didn't even need to use my Hot Hands or Toasti-Toes to keep my hands warm. They were comfortably warm throughout my entire hunt, even when the temperature was in the 20's!

  • Mountain Mud Masque

  • This is a masque that you leave on for 5 to 20 minutes after the Carefree Cleanser. Rinse and follow with the X-Treme Cream.

  • I loved how clean my skin felt after using this and could tell it made a difference. It has activated charcoal that helps draw out bacteria, chemicals and dirt on the surface of your skin.

  • Conqueror Cream

  • This is a daily facial moisturizer that acts as a windbreaker and shelter for your skin. Use this every morning after using the carefree cleanser and before your hunts or outdoor activities to help prevent dry, chapped skin.


These skincare products were all great, but my go-to items on all of my hunting trips were the Carefree Cleanser and the Thermal Relief Cream. At the very least I recommend purchasing these 2 products if nothing else! The Thermal Relief Cream REALLY did work, as I mentioned above. These products do have a scent so I don't recommend them for bowhunting whitetail, or any animal where scent control is a must, but they are perfect for both upland and waterfowl hunts.

I highly recommend these to any woman who loves the outdoors, whether they love hunting, hiking, camping, even gardening! Where to purchase You can order at the following websites: Amazon Girls With Guns Clothing and

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