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Andrea Rothove


My name is Andrea Rothove. I live in southern MO, just minutes away from Bull Shoals Lake and Norfork Lake. I always wanted to go hunting as a little girl but it wasn't until I turned 19 that I was introduced to hunting. After watching my boyfriend shoot a nice mature buck on our second hunt together, I decided to try hunting for myself. 


From that point on, all of my hunts have been self guided, from my very first deer and turkey kill to my first bow and rifle kill. By being self guided I have gained confidence in myself that I may not have learned otherwise. Bow hunting is my main passion, but I enjoy it all from rifle hunting to bow fishing. I spend many hours shooting my bow and it takes a lot of hard work in the off season to prepare and maintain our land. 


During the months leading up to hunting season I can be found on our tractor plowing and disking our fields, helping plant food plots & hang tree stands, scouting for deer sign and checking my Browning Trail Cameras. By being a part of this preparation process I have a deeper appreciation for hunting and more respect for the animals that I harvest.


After taking some of my girlfriends hunting and bow fishing for their first time, some have told me they preferred learning about hunting from another woman, rather than from a man. With this in mind I created Huntress View, a place where women can go to gain insight on hunting and shooting from a woman’s point of view. Huntress View is for the experienced huntress or for the woman thinking about going hunting for the first time.


I feel that more women will become involved in hunting and the outdoors if they are able to get advice from real women hunters and know what hunting products huntresses are using, and loving! By giving hunting tips and honest feedback on hunting products, I hope to help introduce more women to the outdoors!

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