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Alpine Innovations BowSlicker System Product Review

Alpine Innovations makes the BowSlicker Sling & Cam Guards and the BowSlicker System. They are both very similar with just one minor difference. The sling and cam guards are just that: a sling for carrying your bow that includes 2 pieces of silent, weatherproof fabric that covers and protects the cams on your bow. The BowSlicker System includes all of that, plus a string guard as well. I recently tested the BowSlicker System and am excited to share my results!

My Results

The overall design of the BowSlicker System is what really caught my eye in the first place. I have tried other bow slings before, and while there certainly wasn’t anything wrong with them, I just personally prefer the design of the BowSlicker. With their patented limb loop design, weight is distributed around the perimeter of the bow, keeping friction away from cables and strings.

It is very light weight, so I could easily carry my bow long distances. This is perfect for those bowhunting in the mountains or doing spot and stalk hunting, or if you just have a long walk to your treestand.

The string guard, (included in the BowSlicker System) is waterproof so it protects your strings from the elements, but you also have the option to remove it if you’d like. This is great for those times I’m hunting in the snow or rain.

You can quickly and quietly remove the BowSlicker from your bow, should you need to in a hurry to make a shot. All you have to do is remove the limb loops off the riser. See this video on YouTube for a demonstration:

The BowSlicker System includes a drawstring pouch that you can easily pack the BowSlicker into for storing. The pouch also includes a clip that you can attach to your hunting pack.


  • Protects cams

  • Quick release system

  • Silent Fabric

  • Lightweight

  • Weatherproof

  • Color options:

  • Kings Camo

  • Black

  • Packability

Sizing & Fit

The BowSlicker fits all parallel limbs and compound bows ranging from 24”-36” axle-to-axle.

There is an adjustable backstrap that you can set to fit the size of your bow perfectly. You just have to adjust it once and you’re good to go! (This is the tan strap. I left it loose in the first picture so you can see the adjustability. In the second picture, it is sized to fit my bow. Click each photo to see the full size picture)

Where to Purchase

The price of the BowSlicker System is $39.99 and for the BowSlicker (without the string guard) it is $29.99. Both are available at

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