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Alpine Innovations GunSlicker - Product Review

Alpine Innovations makes the GunSlicker, which is a packable protective cover for either a rifle or a shotgun. It is lightweight and waterproof, keeping your firearm safe from rain, dust and mud. I recently tested the GunSlicker and am excited to share my results!

My Results

The only other type of gun cover I have used while transporting my firearms in the field is a gun sock, and when I tried the GunSlicker, I immediately noticed its advantages in comparison to a gun sock.

For one, it was so much quicker to remove from my gun than a gun sock, which is great if you need to make a shot in a hurry. It’s also much quicker and easier to put on your gun than a gun sock.

The waterproof fabric of the GunSlicker is another advantage, making it a better option for hunting in the snow or rain.

The opening on the underneath side of the GunSlicker remains open so you can still have your sling attached to your firearm, so you won't have any issues transporting your gun in the field with the slicker on.

I also recently tested the BowSlicker from Alpine Innovations and noted its packability. Like the BowSlicker, the GunSlicker is also packable and can be attached to your favorite hunting pack. (Click here for the BowSlicker product review)


  • The GunSlicker is built with ultralight waterproof fabric that protects your firearm from the elements.

  • It includes a “quick draw adjustment cord” so you can remove the GunSlicker quickly and with one hand if needed, plus this allows for a better fit for each individual firearm.

  • It is very light weight, so it doesn’t add any extra weight to your shotgun or firearm that would cause you to fatigue any quicker than normal.

  • You can quickly and quietly remove the GunSlicker from your firearm, should you need to in a hurry to make a shot. (Check out this YouTube video for a comparison on how long it takes to remove a gun sock vs. the GunSlicker)

  • The GunSlicker System packs into its own little pouch, and also includes a clip that you can attach to your hunting pack. What’s neat is the pouch becomes part of the slicker when it’s opened up. (See end of barrel).


  • Blocks dust and mud

  • Weatherproof

  • Lightweight

  • Clips anywhere

  • Barrel port

  • Overlap buckle

  • One-hand adjustment

  • Colors:

  • Kings Camo

  • Black

  • Packability

Sizing & Fit

The GunSlicker fits rifles and shotguns 38" - 56" in length.

It’s very versatile. There is an adjustable cord on the underneath and also on the barrel port that you can set to fit the size of your firearm. My rifle is quite a bit longer than my shotgun, but the GunSlicker fit both of these very well, thanks to the drawstring cord.

The opening is also elasticized all around, so it clings to the underneath of your gun for a great fit. Don’t worry, the material is soft and won’t scratch your guns.

Where to Purchase

The price of the GunSlicker System is $24.99 and it is available at

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