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How To Fletch Arrows

The fletchings that come standard on some arrows are not always the colors that I want to hunt or shoot with. I like the fletchings to match the colors of my bow and strings, which is usually pink! The Arizona E-Z Fletch makes it very easy for me to customize my arrows with the colored fletchings that I choose. First and foremost I want to make sure that my arrow fletchings are of high quality and don't just look pretty. Good looks will only get you so far! My fletchings of choice for bow hunting are the Blazer Vanes by Bohning Archery. I also like to use the Bohning Fletch-Tite glue. I have found that this combination works the best for me in regards to durability and arrow flight. I have had problems in the past with my fletchings flying off my arrows mid shot. I can say that this has not happened once since I switched to the Bohning vanes and glue! To get started fletching I strip the current fletchings and remaining glue from my arrows using The Stripper (Also by Bohning.) This is a handy little tool to have and retails for only $16.29 on the Bohning website ( It is recommended that you clean the arrow shaft with a white cloth and denatured alcohol for best adhesion.

My fletching tool of choice is the Arizona E-Z Fletch Mini, right helical. It works perfectly with the Bohning Blazer Vanes and lets you fletch your vanes with maximum helical. This allows for better arrow flight and is specifically designed for shooting tighter groups with broad heads. Start by opening the arms of the fletching tool and placing the vanes into the slot of each arm. Run a light bead of glue on the entire length of each vane from top to bottom. Insert an arrow (nock down) into the hole at the base of the fletching arms and push down until the arrow is nocked and can no longer turn. You will then push up on the base of the fletching tool and spin it to the left until the arms close onto your arrow shaft. (See pictures). It will release the lock pin and evenly close the arms onto the arrow shaft so the vanes can adhere to the arrow. End by placing the top cap over the arrow shaft onto the fletching arms. Wait 2-3 minutes for the glue to set and you are ready to fletch your next arrow!

I love using this tool and recommend it to anyone who wants to try fletching their own arrows. It is super easy to use and allows me to fletch a lot of arrows in a short amount of time. You can order your own at for only $46.95!

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