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Wild Turkey Feather Wreath Tutorial

As a hunter, one of my goals is to use as much of my harvested animal as possible. This not only includes eating the meat but also using the antlers, hide, feathers, etc., if possible.

With turkey season underway across the country, birds are dropping, and many hunters are considering how to honor and preserve the hunt. If you already have one too many fans on the wall or are looking for something unique, this DIY wreath is an easy project and just takes a few simple materials.

The end result looks stunning, and I’ve received countless compliments on it. The best part: it was almost free, and really easy to make! Plus, it's a great project for kids!

What you’ll need:

  • 8” round floral foam

  • Variety of turkey wing and tail feathers

  • Masking tape

  • String/twine

  • Materials to add your own touch, such as ribbon, letters, antlers, etc


Place the floral form on a flat surface and insert the longest wing and tail feathers around the middle of the form. I usually start with spacing them 2-3 inches apart, then continue going around and filling in that first layer. You should end up with about a half inch between each feather. Be careful not to insert the feathers to far, or you could break the form (like I did!).

Continue inserting feathers around the form, up the side and into the front until the wreath is full. For the feathers on the front of the form, you’ll want to insert them diagonally into the form (not straight in), so the wreath is flat. Just add feathers until it looks full and you can’t see any of the foam form. The shortest feathers should be in the front. I also like to slant mine a little to give it more of a circular look. There really is no right or wrong way.

Make sure to insert short feathers into the center to cover the form.

Once you have all of your feathers in place, you should have the basic wreath.

Because there are so many feathers in the form (and I actually broke my form), I use masking tape to cover the back to help hold it together and make it sturdier.

To finish, I added a simple burlap bow. You could use any type of ribbon to make a bow, or use something else like antlers or letters to make it match your own décor or style. Add a string or twine on the back to hang.

Now you just need to hang it!

Sarah Honadel is an avid outdoorswoman from Kentucky, now living in Idaho, who enjoys hunting elk, deer, turkey, pronghorn, and waterfowl. She is a team member at Huntress View, Pro Staff for Browning Trail Cameras, and Brand Ambassador for the GoWild app. Follow her on Instagram @sarah.honadel.outdoors and @arrowridgecreations.

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