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Fried Ringneck Pheasant Recipe

There is one true saying when you’re a hunter: "Field to Plate is worth the hate." Bringing home your own meat is a great feeling. Talk about organic. Here’s a simple recipe with a little twist to make it taste and look great.

Ring Neck Pheasant Recipe


  1. Pheasant Meat

  2. Flour enough to cover meat

  3. Garlic Salt to taste

  4. Pepper to taste

  5. Oil

  6. ½ cup Portwine


  • You want to quarter your pheasant, and cut the breasts into 2 or 3 strips. Save the heart if you can, it’s so yummy. Throw it in with the rest of meat.

  • Now season your meat with the Garlic Salt and pepper.

  • Fill a zip lock bag about ¼ full of flour, drop the meat in the bag, seal it up and give it a good shake, until all sides of the meat are covered.

Floured and Prepped Ring Neck Pheasant

  • Fill your pan with enough oil to partially cover the meat. Make sure to get the oil nice and hot before putting the pheasant in the pan. If it doesn’t start sizzling when you put it in, it’s not hot enough.

  • Brown the pheasant on each side and usually the meat is done by that time, the thighs will take a little longer because they’re thicker.

  • Once the meat is browned on each side, time to add the port wine. You’ll see the color of the pheasant start to change. Cook for about a minute. Pull the meat out and its ready to serve.

Browned Ring Neck Pheasant

You’ll enjoy the new flavor the wine gives the pheasant, a very simple recipe. Practice makes perfect. I always save the wishbone. Let it dry and you know what to do next.

Ring Neck Pheasant

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