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Product Review: Hamskea Hybrid Hunter Pro

I recently put a Hamskea Hybrid Hunter Pro on my new bow. The result was the same as when I put it on every other bow I’ve done it on for the past few years….an easy tune and a bullet hole. This rest is a drop away style, limb driven arrow rest that is made in Johnstown, Colorado.

How do rests rise and fall?

There are two main types of rests, buss cable driven and limb driven. Buss cable rests attach to the cables of your bow and as you draw back your bow, the tension caused by cable movement raises the launcher. In a limb driven style rest, the launcher is held under tension and as you draw back the bow, the tension is released as the limbs come closer together allowing the launcher to rise. The first advantage of a limb driven rest over a cable driven rest is that you don’t have to worry about timing the rest with your bow which reduces tuning time as well as torque on your cables, if the launcher is the whole way down at rest, your tuning is complete. Limb driven rests also support your arrow longer during the shot sequence as your limbs are the last thing to return to rest in the shot sequence, this translates into more stable arrow flight.


The Hybrid Hunter Pro is a full capture rest with an overmolded launcher that reduces the risk of noise as your launcher goes back to rest. I use the microtune version of the rest because I tend to fat finger when adjusting so the microtune knobs greatly decrease the time it takes me to tune my bow for center shot as well as for broad head tuning my rest.

When I went to pick up my rest at Hamskea, I got to watch my rest being put together, you don’t have more made in the USA than that.

Using the Rests

Maybe I should be ashamed of this, but every other rest I have used in the past 12 years of shooting, I have destroyed. I really use my stuff. I have never had to take a rest back to Hamskea. I have broken the cable on this limb driven rest and was able to fix it myself quickly and get right back in business. When I caused my cable driven rest to come loose, I had to go find a place to get my bow fixed. Hamskea rests have been on my bows since the Versa Rest came out. I like knowing that if I have a technical question or if I need some help, I can call and talk to a real person who uses the products.

Jaimie Robinson is a Huntress View Team Member from Colorado. Follow her on Instagram at @mymomhunts.

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