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Our 7 Favorite New Products From ATA 2019

There is always a lot of hype surrounding the ATA show....reconnecting with old industry friends, making new ones, and last but not least, the exciting new hunting products! The 2019 ATA show in Louisville, KY lived up to its expectations. I was there, along with Huntress View team members Courtney Ogden and Sarah Honadel, and we were able to walk the show floor together and check out some of the new hunting products that are coming out this year. There were SO many great, new products and we are excited to share our favorites with you below.

(Keep in mind that a lot of these products may not be up on the company's website yet, but we will do our best to update links and prices once the products become available on their sites.)

1) Women's Upland Apparel from Browning

We know how difficult and frustrating it has been in the past for women to find upland clothing made specifically for them. That's why we were extremely excited to see that for 2019 Browning has came out with a women's line of upland hunting apparel! This line consists of upland brush pants, an upland quilted, zip-up vest, a button-up upland shirt (available in plaid and an olive green), and gloves.

2) Allure Edge Women's Hunting Pack from ALPS Outdoorz

Another thing that is hard for women to find....good quality hunting packs that actually fit us AND have all the same great features that are available in a men's hunting pack. ALPS Outdoorz has nailed it with their new Allure Edge women's hunting pack! This pack will be perfect for treestand and/or ground blind hunting, as well as spot & stalk hunting.

3) Trail Camera Mounts from Browning Trail Cameras

Sometimes the difference between a good trail camera picture and a great one is as simple as having the right camera angle and mount. Thankfully Browning Trail Cameras has came out with 3 new trail camera mounts this year that will allow you to place your trail cameras pretty much anywhere you want! No tree? No problem, thanks to the new field trail camera mount! Got a fence that's in an area that you would like to watch with a trail camera? The new T-Post mount will be perfect! There is also a new economy tree mount that will be perfect to use on a tree that may be too big around for a strap.

4) RUGID Coolers and Accessory Bundle

The design and features of the RUGID coolers is what caught our eye. Some of the features include non-skid feet, a bottle opener, rapid drain relief, measuring tape lid, a compass, Cam-lock latches, tie-downs, and heavy-duty handles. Not to mention 100% replaceable parts,a five year warranty, and dry ice compatibility. They state on their website that a properly packed cooler should keep ice for 7 days or more, making it perfect to take along on a hunting or fishing trip.

The coolers range from 20 qt to 75 qt and are priced from $149.99 to $299.99.

Another great feature on the RUGID Coolers is the Accessory Bundle for $29.95, which features two drink holders, a basket and a divider that doubles as a cutting board.

If you ever go to the ATA show, make sure you check out the Innovation Zone where companies that are newer to the hunting/outdoor industry are set up. You can often find some really great products there, and that is where we found - and tasted - Rebel Six Rubs! They have 8 different rubs available and our 3 favorites that we tried were the Midwest Fish Rub (would be great on any meat, not just fish), Mild Wild Bird Rub and the Sweet Bear Rub. These rubs were seriously amazing and we can't wait to purchase some and share our recipes with you on our blog! Each rub is $7.99 and each flavor is designed to bring out the best taste specific to that species, but it really can go great with any kind of meat or vegetables.

6) Mossy Oak® Dog Shampoos and Sprays by NILodor

Another great item from the Innovation Zone was a new line of Mossy Oak® dog sprays and shampoos for the active outdoor dog. NILodor is a leading expert in odor control for cleaning applications and has developed a line of odor-controlling pet products. Each spray and shampoo is available in 3 options: Citronella, Extreme Odor and Sporting Dog. The Citronella cleans, protects and soothes against nature's elements; Extreme Odor eliminates skunk and other foul odors and is the best treatment against the worst odors; Sporting Dog removes everyday dirt and odor. Prices range from $7.99 to $15.99 depending on the product and variety.

7) Mathews Archery Tactic™

You can't attend ATA and not shoot the new bows! After shooting several new models from Mathews, Hoyt, Bowtech, Diamond and Mission, we fell in love with the new Tactic. The Tactic measures 30.5" axle to axle with a 7" brace height and delivers a generous 335 feet per second. Weighing a mere 4.24 pounds, this bow is lightweight and ultra maneuverable. Available in black and Realtree Edge patterns. With an MSRP of $849, the Tactic offers outstanding performance for the price.

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