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Gift Guide: Top 10 Best Gifts For Your Dog

This holiday season, don't forget the dog! Below is a list of 10 great gifts that any dog will appreciate this season.


Originally I was looking at the Snoozer Pets brand Cozy Cave Pet Bed, but the price was just out of my budget. So after doing lots of research I found the Burton Corduroy Sherpa Lined Cave Pet Bed on Wayfair (of all places - I didn’t even know they sold dog beds!). I purchased the large size (35” diameter) for our German Shorthaired Pointers who are approximately 50-55 lbs. The dog beds have an attached cover/blanket that your dogs can burrow into for warmth or just a cozy feeling. What first drew me to these beds, is our youngest GSP who always tries to climb under our covers and burrow himself into the foot of the bed… only to emerge in the middle of the night like a lightening bolt because he’s too warm after hours of hibernating!

Purchase online at


This item is perfect for using both at home and on the go. The water fills the well allowing ample space for our dogs to get a drink. And when I'm ready to load it into the truck (while still full of water) I just place it on it's back and now water spills out during transport! It holds so much more water than our other system did. Highly recommend to anyone that takes their dogs on adventures.

It is available at Cabela’s or online!


We have these collars in both nylon and leather. They come with an identification plate that you can add all information needed in order for someone to contact you should they find your dog. Then nylon collars are made with double ply and come in a variety of colors. The leather collars are made from bridle leather and will not chafe your dogs neck.

Order online at


What we love most about this kennel cover is all the storage availability. No need for an extra bag to keep your dog items in. There are ample amounts of open and closed storage for easy transportation to the field. This cover is also water-resistant and a great insulator for your dog. There are removable window covers and it comes with D-rings to use to secure during transport. This cover is available from Cabela’s and comes in 3 colors: Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Blades Camo, Real Tree Max 5 Camo, or solid brown.

Order online at


My dogs love to play fetch. For real, FETCH IS LIFE for them. (other than hunting of course). But I hated picking up the slimy balls. Not to mention they can destroy a tennis ball in a matter of seconds. So when I found the Chuck-It Launcher and the Chuck-It Rubber Balls I was so happy! These are the perfect companion for keeping my dog exercised in my backyard or anywhere! And it's super cheap. WIN!

Available at most retailers that sell dog toys and online.


I will preface this by saying that I own 2 GSPs and I have yet to find a true “no pull” leash that works for them. But this one is my favorite of all I’ve tried. It connects to the ring on their collar, wraps around their rib cage and through the metal loop attached to the leash. When you walk, the leash puts pressure on their chest which slows them down. But like I said, depending on the breed, you may have more success. My GSPs just prefer no leash, but when I have to leash them, this is my go to as I find it is easiest to get control of their speed and strength.

Available on Amazon.


The Kong Extreme line of toys has been great for us. We have a few different items from this line and have had them for multiple years with no destruction. These Kong toys are black in color, not the standard red ones. The red line of Kong toys were not indestructible for our dogs and had to get replaced. SO when I replaced them, I went with the more expensive extreme line.

Available at most retailers that sell dog toys and online.

#8 KONG TUG TOY ($15)

This toy is perfect to keep our 2 German Shorthairs playing together! Only have 1 dog? Thats ok too! When we only had 1 GSP, we would hold the other end and get in on the game with them. Tug is a great interactive game that the whole family can play with your furry family member! I do know that some get nervous about playing tug with bird dogs (since we don’t want them playing tug with the birds in the field when the bring them back to us), but we have had no problems with our GSPs distinguishing between a game of tug and handing over a bird in the field.

Available at most retailers that sell dog toys and online.


This dog toy was purchased from a local dog shop but can also be purchased online at It is virtually indestructible. In fact, the toy manufacturer has a guarantee that if your dog ever destroys it and reaches the red center, they will replace the toy. We absolutely love ours for our extreme chewers.

#10 GNAWTLERS ($10-25)

Is your dog an extreme chewer but dislike the taste of rubber dog toys? Gnawlters are made from real elk antler, have no odor, and no mess even after hours and hours of chewing. These are perfect for medium to large sized dogs that are teething or just need to be redirected from your favorite pair of shoes.

Available at

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