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DIY Deer Feeder

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

Looking for a fast, easy, and inexpensive deer feeder? Huntress View team member Courtney Schnitzler has a great DIY solution.

Supplies needed for each feeder:

  • PVC pipe cleaner and glue

  • 4 in PVC pipe

  • 4 in PVC female adapter (plug screws in here)

  • 4 in PVC plug (screws into the female adapter)

  • 4 in PVC cap

  • 4 in PVC Wye fitting


Each feeder took about 3 minutes and was cost about $20 total for the parts, not including the glue and cleaner that I already had at home.

Bonus Tip: Find a 10ft pipe at the hardware store that has a small crack or piece missing on the end. You may be able to get the pipe at a discounted price to the damage, and you will only sacrifice a couple of inches of your feeder.

Cut the pipe to your desired length. You will need to be able to pour feed from the top, so I cut mine to 5 ft. The wye fitting adds approximately an additional foot to the length. Clean thoroughly where all parts connect.

At one end of the pipe, glue the wye fitting so that the angled opening is facing out. The straight section of the fitting should connect to the pipe and touch the ground. Glue the cap to the very bottom of the fitting, which will be on the ground.

Glue the female adapter to the other end of the pipe. This will be where your screw-on cap goes, on the top of the pipe. This will keep the rain out and will prevent squirrels or raccoons from removing the cap.

Let the glue dry and fill your new feeder. Mine hold over half a bag of corn each.

Follow all of Courtney's outdoor adventures on Instagram at @courtney_schnitzler.

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