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Recipe: Grilled Alligator Tenderloin

Have you ever eaten alligator meat? What about grilled alligator tenderloin? Huntress View Team Member recently took her annual trip to Florida and harvested another gator! This year, they decided to try something new with one of the tenderloins and grilled it.

The tenderloin is white in color and is the most tender of all the alligator cuts. It runs next to the tailbone and spinal column in the tail of the gator.


  • Alligator tenderloin

  • Heavy cream

  • Preferred seasonings


First, remove the thin layer of skin over the loin.

Cut the meat into steak-size pieces and soaked overnight in heavy cream.

The heavy cream is not only to tenderize but to soften the flavor a bit. We left the loins in the heavy cream until we were ready to grill them the next day.

Remove each piece of the tenderloin from the heavy cream and season as you would steak or fish. We tried a few different options to see what we like. We covered several with Shore Lunch, a couple with BBQ Sauce, and a couple with different seasonings.

Place the tenderloin steaks on a hot grill and cook for 8-10 minutes per side.

Once the gator was done, we thought the tenderloins that were seasoned with spices had the best taste. The seasoning we used soaked all the way through the loin. What an amazing taste!

There is no doubt this will be the way we cook our next gator tenderloins.

Cara Thompson is an avid outdoorswoman from Wisconsin who loves all things hunting and fishing. Follow her on Instagram at @cara_wi_huntress.

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