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Accubow Product Review

For anyone who spends time in any discipline or sport they know practice makes perfect. Basketball players continually practice on the court, baseball players spend hours on the field hitting and catching the ball, and for bow shooters its countless hours of letting arrows fly. Use to be the only practice that bow shooters got was finding that 5 minutes between work, running errands, and checking off the to-do list to shoot. And if mother nature decided to show off than that was just one less practice you got. Constance hours of nocking arrows, chasing arrows if you missed the target, and walking back n forth to the target are things of the past thanks to the Accubow.

I came across the Accubow when I realized my daughter was having problems suddenly in her shooting. She is in her second year of shooting for our county’s 4H team. Before we realized the problem was her I can’t count how many times we moved the sight back and forth trying to correct the issue. Every arrow she would shoot ended up in the left upper part of the target and being 12 years old I could tell she was really getting discouraged to the point of not wanting to shoot anymore. So, after some research and watching YouTube videos someone mentioned the Accubow.


  • Draw length: 21” to 34”

  • Poundage: 10-70 lbs

  • Dimensions: 32 x 14 x 28

  • Weight: Roughly 4 lbs

  • Made for Left-handed or Right-Handed people

  • MSRP: $149.00

Why is Accubow Right for you?

With Accubow’s simple design practicing has been made easier. One of the best things about it is that anyone; young, old, beginner, or experienced can use it because of its versatility. A couple clicks of the Accudial allows you to increase or decrease your poundage as you train. Built in laser sight helps with stability issues. The Accuband and built-in shock absorber was designed for unlimited dry firing. Comes with stabilizer add-on. The ability to use it without arrows allows practice to happen anywhere anytime.

What can Accubow help you with:

  • Trigger Panic

  • Increase in poundage

  • Muscle Memory

  • Increase in Stamina

  • Rehab from injury

  • Practice grip and form

  • Increase Muscle strength

How to Use the Accubow:

The Accubow comes assembled ready to use. Refer to the instructions on setting draw weight. Rotate the Accudial clockwise to increase poundage to desired amount. Locate laser and turn on. Draw back using D-loop/release or just fingers. Check the bubble level located above the laser on the inside of the bow to make sure you are holding level. Pull back and hold for a few seconds then release. Once done press the button located on the bottom of the Accudial and rotate counterclockwise to let off pressure to the band. Practice 15 mins a day and enjoy the results

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