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Product Review: Balleck Dry Shower

Earlier this year, I saw Balleck Dry Shower on Instagram and I decided to give it a try.

They say that the fitter you are, the more you sweat and I am a really fit person…if you know what I mean. Managing perspiration and its side effects is foremost in my mind when hunting, I always bring extra shirts and change my socks every day (I alternate days in the backcountry). Even if you are staying in a house/lodge/hotel, there isn’t always time to wash and dry your hair between coming out late, shoveling food in your face, sleeping, and getting up early the next day. That is where Balleck Dry Shower has changed my hunting experience.

Balleck Dry Shower

I started out using it as a dry shampoo; as a woman who colors her hair, I use dry shampoo several times a week. With other dry shampoo products, I was unsatisfied because they all make you smell like a grandma. So the idea of a scent-free dry shampoo is right up my alley and I feel that it performs better than most salon quality dry shampoo. This is a product that I use in my everyday life, not just for hunting.

I have to use clinical strength deodorant, remember I am super fit (sweaty). But I find that sprinkling the dry shower on my underarms and feet after using a camp wipe at night helps keep the odors at bay longer. On my most recent backcountry trip, I took along Balleck Dry Shower and every day before I fell asleep I gave all of my clothes and boots a healthy sprinkling. This is the first time since I’ve been packing in that I didn’t notice the smell when I closed myself in the tent for the night. We all know that as hunters, scent control is one of our biggest obstacles, so Balleck Dry Shower has become one of my must have items when I go hunting.

You can buy Balleck Dry Shower at or on Amazon as well as many other retailers. A small Dry Shower is $13 and a Large is $19.

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