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Product Review: PX2 Broadheads by Black Widow Innovations

As we head into archery season, broadhead choice is a hot topic. Team member Jaimie Robinson has been shooting the Black Widow Innovations PX2 broadheads since 2019 and provides a quick overview to provide our readers with some helpful info as they make their final setup selections for this fall.

During my time shooting archery, I have shot many different brands and types of broadheads. As a female hunter with an average 27" draw length and a 55-pound draw weight, I tend to stick with fixed-blade broadheads. With this type of broadhead, you have to take into account many variables with your setup and having a consistently made and uniform broadhead is key.

Last year, I received the PX2 broadheads from Black Widow Innovations out of Alberta, Canada. Being a strict SlickTrick girl for many years I was skeptical at first to try a new brand. I quickly fell in love.

The PX2 design is such that you can change the tip between 100 and 125 grains in the same pack of 3 broadheads. The blades are designed to go over your arrow shaft which, according to the company helps stabilize the flight. They have a solid aluminum ferrule with a 1.25-inch cutting diameter and a 0.5-inch bleeder blades.

The first time I shot these, I took them straight out of the box at the outdoor range and they flew exactly like my field points. (I even shaved one of my fletchings.) For me this is particularly important; I do not love spending time tuning my broadheads, but it is often a necessary evil. I have had the same experience with all the Black Widow Innovations products that I have tried so far.

I have harvested 4 animals with these broadheads; a mule deer buck, a whitetail doe, a Sika hind, and a grouse (I forgot my game points). They work very well, make consistent blood trails, and have excellent penetration. On my mule deer buck, the tip went through 2 ribs and through the shoulder blade, just passing through the other side. For a shot from a 55-pound bow and into the opposite shoulder, I find this to be impressive.

With their easy tunability, modular nature for those of us who want to increase grains, and excellent penetration, these are a broadhead that I would recommend to anyone wanting a reliable fixed blade broadhead.

Cost: $34.99 for 3

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